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What to Do with Your Kids After Your Bournemouth House Moving

Changing homes can be especially stressful for your children. The new environment and the unfamiliar faces can cause them to uneasy and depressed. That is precisely why you, as a parent, need to support your children thru these tuff times and show them that Bournemouth can be a great place to live. There are so many fun things you can do together that will melt the fear and anxiety away. Being a town visited by millions of tourists every year Bournemouth has a lot to offer to the little ones.

Fish Town

visit Bournemouth Oceanarium after your house moveA great way to have a quiet family time full with a lot of positive emotions is by visiting The Bournemouth Oceanarium. Your children will forget all of their worries and the stress of the house move while observing the hundreds of colourful tropical fish. And to be honest the adorable otters will melt your heart as well. On top of that, there are also penguins, sea turtles and crocodiles. We guarantee you that you will have a pleasant couple of hours emerged in the magical aquatic world.

Let’s Play with Some Lasers

Amongst the many fun attractions located in Bournemouth, maybe the one that is most popular with teenagers is the Laser Quest. Why stay at home and play video games when you can actually be in one? Located in The Old Superbowl, the Laser Quest consists of a multi-level arena, a high-tech audio and visual system and futuristic looking shooting gear. The attraction is appropriate for the ages of 9 to 18, and it is constantly packed with children. If it’s raining outside, go indoors and join your kids for a quick laser blasting adventure.

Bournemouth garden treasure hunt after a house movingThe Big Bournemouth Gardens Treasure Hunt

Every kid loves to explore and find new and exciting things. Fortunately, there is a lot of those in Bournemouth. If you just moved to the town, a great way to learn more about it would be to join the big garden treasure hunt. There are hidden rewards and a lot of running around and searching for clues. There are different quests and levels of difficulty. This is a great way to pass a couple of hours in the pleasant Bournemouth weather and learn some of the town’s history.

Play Golf Like a Pro

A good way to spend some time with your children after your autumn house relocation is by playing some mini-golf. This is a fun family activity that Bournemouth brings to the next level. Mr Mulligan’s Bournemouth is a spectacular mini-golf centre consisting of the enormous courses, occupying 2 levels. There are also two bars and a restaurant. This large facility can provide you with hours of family fun and laughter.

relocate to Bournemouth and visit the beachRelocate to Bournemouth and Explore Its Beaches

All kids love to play in the sand, near the sea, to explore caves and go on adventures. Lucky for you, Bournemouth has one of the best coastlines in the UK, famous with its golden beaches the town is a paradise for all parents. And the best place to enjoy the sand, the sun and the sea breeze is Alum Chine. This is an area well known for its pirate-themed children’s playground and paddling pool. There are beautiful little huts that you can hire for the weekend and a lot of children centres and pubs.

Move, Climb, Play in Bournemouth

Kids are full of energy. They need a place to run, play and learn new things. One such place is the Littledown Centre in Bournemouth. Set on 47 acres of gorgeous land it has everything you and your kids need to cure the stress of home moving. It has playgrounds, swimming pools, different climbing courses and even a spa. Your children will have a great time at the adventure park or playing different sports such as table tennis or football.

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