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Storage Tips or What to Do When We Have Too Many Items in the Home

Storage units in BournemouthAutumn is finally here and its time to pack the sundresses and beach balls and bring up the wool sweaters and warm socks. If only it was as easy as it sounds. Many people accumulate so many items in their homes that in one particular moment you lose track of what is where and why. For example, say you are living in Bournemouth. A beautiful town near the sea with golden beaches and hot summer. Water sports and camping are a must in this region but where are you going to put all of the necessary gear in the winter? Here comes the blessing that is storage services. It is a great way to free space in your home plus it makes it easier to clean a house with fewer items in it. However, there are certain rules, that must be followed when preparing to store your belongings for the cold months. We have made a simple guide to help you prepare correctly your prize possessions and keep them safe until summer comes once again.

Think Before You Act

Clothes are not the only items you can store for the winter. The best way to keep track of everything you need to put in the storage unit is by making a checklist. This way you will be certain you haven’t forgotten anything. Here are some household items that must be properly cared for during the cold months.

  • The cold weather has a negative effect on all electronic devices like lawn mowers or battery-operated items.
  • Garden furniture also needs to be protected, especially if it’s made from wood.
  • Sports gear like boats, canoes, fishing tools can also go into storage. Altho the weather won’t affect them much, these are items take a lot of your home’s free space. You need to have a second garage just to keep your canoe.
  • Every parent’s nightmare is their kid’s toys. We are not talking about dolls and teddy bears here. Everything from inflatable pools, plastic castles or trampolines, hide them deep in the storage and never talk about them.

How to Properly Store Your Belongings

After making the checklist, comes the actual wrapping and preparing of your items. Say you have managed to find a reasonably priced storage service near your Bournemouth home. You can’t just place everything in a box and lock it up till the spring. If you want to find everything in the state, you left it, you need to pack and arrange it correctly.

  • Packing foam in a Bournemouth storagePlastic is not a good choice when it comes to picking a wrapping material. It can become quite brittle when exposed to cold temperatures. Another thing to avoid is newspapers. The ink may stain or damage your property. Use regular packing paper or some old bedsheets to secure your items in the storage containers.
  • Another great packing material is foam peanuts. They are great at absorbing moisture and protecting your possessions from rust and dust. You can use them as many times you want and are durable in both cold and warm weather.
  • Do not store food in your storage unit, even if it’s canned. There is a good possibility the cans will burst and stain everything. This could lead to mould problems, destroyed property and overall, you will lose a lot of time cleaning the mess.
  • When you are sending your lawn mower to the storage, you need to prepare it properly. Empty the gas tank to prevent it from damaging the machines internal systems. Clean if from any leftover grass and dirt. Sharpen the blades and carefully cover them with a fabric cover. Every part of your mower needs to be completely dry to avoid rust.
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