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Eco-friendly House Removal to Bournemouth – What You Need to Know

Eco-friendly house relocation to BournemouthEverybody needs to be aware of the imprint they leave on the environment. A lot of things can be done, and a lot can be avoided but when it comes to a house relocation it is not that easy. Most people already have a plan on how to organise and execute the home move, but what if we tell you that with a couple of simple steps you can make a big difference. Think it this way, you are going to move to one of the most beautiful and green cities in the UK. Bournemouth is famous for its landmarks and breathtaking nature. You would want to protect that. So here are some basic things that you can do to have a great house removal to Bournemouth while being eco-friendly.

Would You Really Need All That in Bournemouth?

According to the removals comparison site Buzzmove, the average house relocation in the UK creates around 16.8 kg of CO emission. To put it in a different way, it is the same as leaving a light bulb on for 53.85 days. Now that we got your attention here are some methods that will help significantly lower this number:

  • When packing, think light. The lighter your moving boxes, the smaller the bad emissions would be. So take a good look at your belongings, do you really need everything? Clothes that sat unworn for years will probably stay the same way at your new place. All of the furniture in your home, do you really need it in the new place? Old electronics and children’s toys, it is time to get rid of everything.
  • Use old cardboard boxes, shoe or hat boxes for the transportation. Avoid buying new ones and use what you have around the house.
  • Avoid throwing away the things you don’t need. Consider donating them or organising a yard sale.
  • Sort the rubbish and recycle what you can.

Eco-cleaning before relocating to Bournemouth

Cleaning – the Other Side of House Removals

One of the biggest threats for the eco-system is the extensive use of chemicals and polluting agents. Most commercial cleaners are harmful both for the environment and for your health so be smart and use some of these DIY cleaners instead:

  • When relocating you need to thoroughly clean the house both the one you are leaving and the one in Bournemouth. This is one of the most important moving tasks so you will need a strong cleaner.
  • Use baking soda and vinegar. These eco-friendly products can eradicate the dirt in no time.
  • Steam cleaning is a great solution for everybody who wants to relocate quickly and efficiently.

Help the Environment While Eating Dinner

A month before the big house move stop buying so much groceries and start reorganising the pantries. You will need to get rid of all the food you have anyway, so why not just eat it instead of throwing it away. Don’t waste valuable resources and do the following:

  • Inspect your fridge, cupboards, pantry, basement and attic.
  • Make a list of all the food product you have.
  • Create a menu or each week before the house relocation.
  • Throw away only the food that has become bad.
  • If you have cans that you don’t want, donate them to your local food bank.
  • In the last days before the move, buy only the essential products.

Transform Your New Home Into an Eco-friendly Paradice

relocate to your eco-friendly Bournemouth home

Bournemouth is located in the South parts of the UK, so surprisingly you will have lots of sunlight and warm weather. Having this in mind, a great decision for your new home is solar panels. This way you can use only the energy you produce. However, this is quite an expensive solution so you can start by something small:

  • Use an eco-friendly shower filer that will control the amount of water you use. This will also benefit the reducing of the water bill at the end of the month.
  • Change all the bulbs in the new place with LED ones.
  • Stop using plastic bags and instead try some cloth or cotton reusable bags.
  • Consider buying new furniture made from recycled materials.
  • Do not use plastic bottles, try the ones made of glass.
  • Star recycling paper, plastic and glass.
  • Most houses in Bournemouth have beautiful yards, so why not consider composting and create your own vegetable or herb garden.
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