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How to Choose the Perfect Moving Boxes for Your Bournemouth House Removal

Packing is a long and annoying process but is inevitable when you are preparing to move homes. If you are not too careful, you may unintentionally help destroy some of your belongings by incorrectly packing or wrapping them. It may seem easy to place a vase in a box and secure it with newspapers, but in reality, this is a very bad idea. In this simple situation, your item can get stained from the ink or get chipped during transportation as the paper is no ideal for cushioning. One of the most unpleasant things is to move to your beautiful new Bournemouth home and find out that all of your plates are in pieces. For just such occasions we have created a small but helpful guide on how properly to pick your moving creates. You will learn the differences and benefits of box sizes and shapes and what material is appropriate to use as wrapping.

The Dangers of Picking the Wrong Box

old boxes for relocating to BournemouthYou need to be very careful when picking your packing materials and especially the boxes and crates. Your cardboard box choice can literally make or break your belongings. There are many ways to get your hands to a moving box, actually, anything can be transformed into one. Old shoe or tv boxes, you can ask your local store for unwanted packing or transportation creates. However, you need to take notice of the following:

  • Size does matter. It is best if you pick boxes that are the same size and shape. Variety is bad as you or your movers will struggle to properly arrange boxes in the truck.
  • The material is also important. Not all cardboard boxes are made of the same paper. The older the cardboard, the tinner it gets. This will make lifting, and moving a dangerous task.
  • Stains or smells are also a threat. If you are using boxes from your local store never picked the ones used for the transportation of food. As they have a smell and can even have a leftover fruit residue that will attract all sorts of bugs.
  • Water is your worst nightmare. If your boxes have been exposed to water or were stored in a damp place avoid using them. Their integral straight is damaged, and they may have mould or mildew inside of them.
  • Inspect the glue. Before using old boxes make sure to check their corners and the places where the cardboard sheets are glued together. These are the box’s weeks spots, as glue tend to deteriorate over time and the box can easily fall apart.

What to Look for When Buying Moving Boxes

If you are relocating from the Northern parts of the UK to Bournemouth, your belongings have a long way to travel before they arrive at the new location. In these situations all professional movers advice to buy new packing materials. It is a long journey and depending on the season and the road conditions your valuables may have to be prepared for “extream” and bumpy conditions. Here is what you need to know when purchasing new moving boxes:

  • packing boxes for a home relocation to Bournemouth

    The strength of the box and its protective qualities are determined by the thickness of the cardboard from which it’s made of. Use three layer boxes for fragile and delicate items like glasses or plates and store your clothes or accessories in 2 layer ones.

  • Do not use non-standard boxes. They may be hard to fit in the vehicle and are generally not ideal for transportation.
  • Moving boxes have a standard in sizing. When buying them keep in mind their measurements – small (457mm x 330mm x 330mm), medium (457mm x 457mm x 499mm) and large (445mm x 445mm x 744mm).
  • Use the small boxes for transporting the heaviest items such as books. They are easier to lift and carry around.
  • Medium boxes are ideal for transporting both heavy and light things.
  • Place bedding and all softgoods in large boxes. You can even use vacuum bags to save on space.
  • There are boxes for every specific need. Some have hangers (wardrobe boxes), some have additional protection( TV boxes). Consult with your moving company and ask for suggestions and additional help when packing.
  • When preparing to wrap the items in the kitchen consider buying boxes with protective dividers. There are perfect for glasses, crockery, or wine bottles.
  • Remember that each box has its limits when it comes to the maximum possible safe wight it can take. 20kg is the limit when it comes to cardboard boxes or any type of moving box. Above this wight, there is a good chance the box will break or tear and you will have a hard time transporting your items.

Other Packing Tips

Packing materials to relocate to BournemouthIf you have good packing and wrapping materials you can rest assured your belongings will arrive safely in Bournemouth. Here are a couple of additional packing suggestions:

  • Don’t cheap out when it comes to the packing tape. It needs to be of good quality in order to hold tightly the boxes.
  • It is better to have more boxes than to overfill them and have difficulties moving them.
  • Bubblewrap is your best friend. Wrap every valuable and fragile item first in bubble wrap and then place it in the box.
  • Packing peanuts are a great protective material that won’t absorb moisture and can be reused time over time.
  • Avoid using newspapers or magazines to wrap items in. Use regular packing paper. There are some great recyclable options on the market.
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