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Why Bournemouth Is the Best Place to Relocate To

Relocate to BournemouthAre you still wondering whether you should move to Bournemouth or not? Let us help you with your decision. Bournemouth is a beautiful coastal town that has a lot to offer to its inhabitants. Here are the top reasons why you should without a doubt organise a house relocation to this great place.

Move to Bournemouth and Discover Its Amazing Nature

The town is located in the picturesque Dorset County on the South coast of the UK. Its sandy beaches and warm water attract thousands every year. Due to its location, Bournemouth receives up to 25 pc more sunshine than any other part of the UK during the summer months. On top of that, you will have the incredible 7.7 hours of sunlight. It is an amazing place to get a great tan but it is also beneficial to your health if you suffer from arthritis or other bone illnesses.
If the sea is not your thing, fear not, you can always spend the days after your house removal in the nearby New Forest National Park. You can have a great family weekend there doing all sorts of fun activities like archery and canoeing.

Move to BournemouthThe Bournemouth Gardens

If you love to have a casual stroll in your local park, the Bournemouth Gardens will definitely become one of your places. There are three gardens – Upper, Central and Lower, and each and every one of them is unique in its own way. Go to the activity playground with a zip line with your children in the Central Gardens. Take your significant other on a romantic walk alongside the sea in the Lower Gardens. And if you need some me-time the Upper Gardens are the perfect place to relax under the shade of a hundred-year-old ash tree.

The Best Place to Relocate to If You Are an Art Lover

Bournemouth itself is like a piece of art but if that is still not enough for you, there is always the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum located at East Cliff Promenade. Located on a cliff, just two minutes walk from the Pier, this beautiful mansion is every art lover’s dream. Here you can find paintings, sculptures and furniture from the past few centuries as well as some authentic clothes and costumes.
If this is not your style, why not visit the longest running open-air exhibition in the UK? Located in the heart of the Lower Gardens this gallery is open for a wide range of artists – from photographers to sculptors.

Star Struck

Not convinced yet? What if we tell you that some of the most influential people in the country have made Bournemouth if not their home, at least their favourite place to visit.
This little coastal town was ones the home to J.R.R. Tolkien and there is even a commemorative blue plate placed on one of his favourite hotels – Hotel Miramar on East Overcliff Drive. The author was a regular guest here before deciding to move to the city.
Another famous author associated with Bournemouth is Robert Louis Stevenson. He wrote the incredible “The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde” in his home in Westbourne.
An interesting historical fact is that as a young man, Winston Churchill almost dies in Bournemouth. The 18-year-old boy fell 29 feet from a bridge and was unconscious for three days, and his injuries left him bedridden for almost three months. Historians still argue which bridge almost changed the course of the history of the world – Alum Chine or Branksome Dene.

Work and move to BournemouthIt Is Easy to Find a Job in Bournemouth

Being one of the most preferred tourist destinations in the UK, Bournemouth can offer a lot when it comes to job opportunities. The employment rate is around 76% which is higher than in England and Wales. The claimant rates in the first three months of 2018 were 1.7% compared with 2.1% for the UK.
On top of that studies show that the average resident of Bournemouth earns £512.50 per week. The business sectors that offer the most employment are the service sector and the financial and insurance sector.
There are a lot of part and full-time job positions that are just waiting for you, so pack your bags and follow your dreams to move to Bournemouth.

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