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7 Tips to Store The Extra Toys After Santa’s Visit To Bournemouth

Everybody loves presents but kids are the ones eager to see them under the Christmas tree. The excitement in their eyes while tearing apart the wrapping paper is so rewarding it couldn’t be put into words. We are certain this is wonderful to witness, but we also know the count of the presents could be overwhelming. So, unless you’re renting out storage in Bournemouth, check our suggestions on how to stash the toys Santa left under the tree.

Using The Floors of Your Bournemouth Home As Storage

All the new toys from Father Christmas have to be put somewhere with easy access. The kids will be playing with them excessively, or at least it will be this way at the beginning. This is why our first suggestion is on the floor. It is the most common place to leave everything your child wants to play with and it’s also suitable for all ages.
We suggest a few pretty cheap ways which could be used for most children items – smaller and medium-sized. As for the large ones such as rocking horses, bikes or little trampolines – they are something else. If you don’t have a garage or a storeroom we would suggest looking up storage units in Bournemouth as it will be really difficult to fit in everything in the house.

  • Baskets Full of Joyboxes for a self-storage in Bournemouth

There are plenty of different types you could choose from. Plastic, woven, wooden, metal, rattan – it is up to your personal preferences and your kids’ of course. Plastic baskets are not so environmentally friendly but are light and in case the little ones decide to move them around, they won’t hurt themselves. Make sure to arrange the toys by leaving the newest on the top – again for easy access.
Consider the room and pick the right colours. If you can’t find anything suitable, a DIY design is an option. Also, have in mind how big is the place and how many baskets it could take. If the number is higher than four or five, you might be in need of a Bournemouth storage place.

  • First Under The Tree, Now – Under The Bed

You can leave bags and boxes there as well, but the most practical way to have all the toys — new and old — in order is to get under-the-bed shoe storage. It has a lot of sections t

o put items in, and it’s easy to move it back and forth. They are usually made out of soft and light materials – plastic, textile, etc., but most of them have firm frame and intersections. However, if you think more stability will be needed, use shoe boxes or plain cardboard. Put them in the outer cubicles and in one or two in the middle.

  • Colourful Toy Sacks

Buy some cheerful sacks or if you’re into sewing – make a couple yourself. Cut out a piece (or a few) at the bottom and replace the fabric with see-through plastic material. This way the kids will know what’s in the bag without even opening it. They can be used for storing dolls, stuffed animals, action figures, construction toys – everything you could fit in there.

Christmas Toys Hanging Storage

Another option to store the youngsters’ items is somewhere hanging. It is a good idea for a couple of reasons. First, your darlings will have more space on the floor for play. Second, it will be easier for you when cleaning the room. And let’s be honest – arranging the toys standing up is way easier than kneeling on the floor.

  • Pinned to The Door

The shoe organiser comes in handy here as well, only it’s attached to the door, not under the bed. This is a great way to keep your kids’ toys in place or at least most of them. Take into consideration how tall your child is and if grabbing what’s needed will be possible. A small stool could be of use for reaching the highest pockets.

  • Hanging on The Wall

This will require a few tools, a little patience and maybe a pinch of creativity. Our suggestion is putting up unconventional and original shelves on the wall. There are plenty of shapes, colours and sizes on the market. If you prefer and are able to – you can build them yourself.
Having these shelves will not only help in fitting all the new presents but will also make your kid’s room look more interesting.

Shelf Away The Christmas Toys’ Storage

Using ordinary, and sometimes not so ordinary shelves is always a good choice. Everything is in order, and the playthings are again easy to reach even by the youngest. Remember to put the new toys upfront. You don’t want to gather all the others from the floor because the one Santa brought a few days ago was placed at the back. If however there is not much space at home for additional shelves, then you might consider hiring a storage unit in Bournemouth. Piling up toys will only make it difficult – for your child to find whatever it needs and for you to clean.

house storage in Bournemouth

  • Cube Shelves

This is always a good choice. The items are stored neatly and are easily accessible. The classic cubbies are made out of different materials. There is definitely a choice – wood, plastic, etc. With the right skills and tools, you can build one yourself. This is an option if you’re good with your hands or don’t want to spend much.
Another option could be shelves in unusual forms – stairway, mosaic and so on. It’s an interesting and good-looking idea for saving space and keeping up toys or books.

  • Unusual Shelves

Now, grandparents or aunts and uncles really like giving big presents. This is how you end up with a mini Ferrari or adorable Harley Davidson. Still, there is no need to panic. Try your best and optimise all the bigger gifts by turning them into shelves. Instead of laying around, gather the Teddy bear with all his friends, and put them there. The Barbie doll could definitely take a seat as well.
Of course, it is not possible to fit a lot of things in, but there aren’t many options. You either keep the mini car in your house or leave it in a self-storage in Bournemouth. Reason for this is children love their toys and won’t let you throw or give them away to somebody else for the next at least 3-4 years.

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